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Folks are scared of skydiving largely mainly because There are plenty of myths relevant to it in the popular tradition. These various inaccuracies https://www.washingtonpost.com/newssearch/?query=스포츠중계 which were propagated are the most important basis for skydiving fear. Listed here are four of these myths together with the authentic explanation.


Fantasy 1: For the duration of no cost slide it is possible to’t breathe

Fact: Breathing throughout cost-free fall is feasible, Opposite to just how persons are inclined to Believe. If respiratory wouldn’t be possible the skydiver wouldn’t be capable of open the parachute as they could well be unconscious.

Myth two:A dialogue is often held all through cost-free slide.

Reality: This may be doable in movies but it's strictly Hollywood. The fact is usually that when free slipping you are able to’t hear nearly anything because the wind screaming by your ears is just too loud. Attempting to have a discussion in that situations is extremely hard.

Myth 3: Keeping on to a person that includes a parachute can be done, if you don’t have 1 you.

Actuality: This is often indeed a Film wonder and it is ninety nine% most likely not to occur. This kind of stunts are pulled off but yet again that's nearly impossible and that's because of the forces that happen to be at get the job done when the parachute opens.

Fantasy four: You may free slide for 5 minutes

Actuality: The cruise top of the plane is at about ten,000 – twelve,000 toes and Which means about 40 seconds of free drop before opening the parachute. A five minutes slide needs a peak of about 60,000 feet and you also would want excess oxygen.

Fantasy five: My parachute will not likely open

Fact: There are a lot of pure fears about your parachute failing to open but this has been manage with all present day parachutes due to the fact They are really now fitted with a device that could deploy the parachute automatically in the event you are unsuccessful to do that yourself. The product is termed Computerized Activation System, or AAD.

The most common good reasons for skydiving deaths and injuries, and that's ninety two%, are faults in judgement and course of action. This means that When you are nicely organized for 해외스포츠중계 the bounce and do anything right for the time it's going to take to get to the ground You then’ll delight in sixty seconds of exhilarating free fall and Reside to tell the tale.